Yosemite National Park Valley School

Ms. Fulhorst


Room 1 consists of our 5th - 8th  grade students.

Our 7th and 8th grade students form the leadership "heart" of our school,

and together with their 5th & 6th grade classmates, provide academic & school spirit leadership for the younger students.

Fulhorst, Patsy

Room 1 teacher Patsy Fulhorst is a self described “lucky ducky” having been a part of Yosemite Valley school since 2002. Originally from St. Louis Missouri, upon seeing Yosemite it was love at first sight. She started working summers as a naturalist during college. After earning her undergraduate degree in history she worked as wilderness park ranger for several years before earning her teacher credential and masters degree in education.  The “lucky ducky” part is she has spent her teaching career here at Yosemite Valley School. This is the seventh year of her Room 1 assignment, the configuration is 5th - 8th grades.